What particularly is e-learning outstanding for?

Last 7 days I tried to react the question 'what is e-learning outstanding for?' and came up with a very simple answer:

E-learning, in its several types, is appropriate for any studying activity which does not have to be conducted face-to-face.

I went on to explain what circumstances would be in which a face-to-face solution would be required, but I probably did not go far enough to meet up with most studying experts. The reason is that you can't generalise about e-learning because it comes in so several types. Pcs and techniques provide so many the possiblility to boost studying on the job, but the opportunities are dependent on the use you are creating of these power sources. So, here's a more particular respond to the question, detailed in kind of e-learning:

Type of e-learning Some possible applications
Interactive self-study tutorials Short training which help people acquire details against particular objectives, usually as a precursor to using these details to undertake projects on the job or to be a part of in other, more authentic, studying activities such as sessions.
Tutorials which make problem-solving and decision-making capabilities, using case research, circumstances and other types of connections.
Live on the world wide web activities using web meeting conferences tools Formal academic sessions, just like those conducted in a physical classroom.
As an part in a appropriate mixed solution, e.g. presenting a new course, to figure out key topics, to assessment enhancement.
As comfortable creating activity, e.g. on the world wide web sessions such as presentations and discussions.
As something to allow several learners to share with each other on projects and projects.
As a means for anyone to present the results of projects and projects.
Games and simulations As a software of recommended finding studying, allowing learners to acquire ideas into problem-solving and decision-making ideas, e.g. project shop, business technique, marketing.
As a way for anyone to figure out complicated ideas and functions, e.g. overall costs, technology.
As a safe way for anyone to exercise complicated psychomotor capabilities, e.g. producing a car, traveling a plane.
In a multi-player viewpoint, as a life-like and immersive way for anyone to exercise collaborative projects such as handling immediate circumstances.
Digital on the world wide web content, such as web content, videos, screencasts, podcasts, slide shows Performance support content for availability on-demand.
As an part in a appropriate mixed solution, e.g. to stimulate a discussion or in planning for a projects shop.
As a creating activity began by people.
As an result of studying activities taken out by learners working individually or in groups.
Social press sources, such as forums, wikis, blogs, public networks To achieve group collaboration within a appropriate mixed solution.
As efficiency support sources, i.e. which makes much more readily found and provide capabilities.
As useful talking about about best exercise, hyperlinks and details.
As useful problem-solving and reflection.
E-assessments To check details, understanding and, to a more limited level, problem-solving and decision-making capabilities, against particular objectives. Of limited balance when the assessment happens soon after the submission of studying content. E-assessments aren't able of analyzing all sorts of studying objectives.

If I've missed anything important, please let me know.

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