What does it take to be an outstanding e-learning designer?

With the Serious eLearning Manifesto displaying focus on an efficient deficiency of e-learning style abilities, as confirmed by more than a little boring and ineffective material out there, it got me considering the important activities to be an outstanding developer. Or rather, it was actually Stephen Walsh at Town & Guilds Kineo  who began this work out of regarded as he recommended my help in looking for a amazing Cause Designer.

Stephen experienced, as I do, that the best starting point is with someone who already has an efficient grounding in one of the aspect professions of e-learning, perhaps a information news reporter, an specialist or someone identical. Here is what I would look for in someone who would have to be able to be really unique and help us to do some 'serious e-learning':

Someone who is a obvious and assured speaker, especially in writing: this abilities is particularly significant and unfortunately unusual.
An capability to empathise with their audience: this is a significant 'teaching' top top top quality and sometimes missing those who perspective e-learning as an technological innovation self-discipline.
Someone who is considering technological innovation and certainly not scared of it: this is not the same as being seriously technological.
They are grateful of appropriate recognizable style (you could brand this 'good taste'): basically amazing how a lot of individuals just don't outstanding appropriate proper care what anything looks like.
They can focusing for extended times when necessary: extroverts who can only widely-used to the organization of others will not appreciate being seated for time composing a cope, a style records or application.
But not a loner: the e-learning developer is a aspect of an organization and must appreciate operating with others; they should be successful on creating a feeling of a whole variety of unique views and views.
They are well organised: operating with many information, several types, different 'languages' and editions provides a lot of threat for mistake and confusion: anyone who tries to aspect it will soon get discovered.
These features are more likely to get you there than impressive technological IT or recognizable abilities, although if you're a Leonardo and have these as well then you're travelling.

So, is this record genuine or is it pie in the sky. Are there extra features that matter?

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