Tips for mixtures 9: Recognize that face-to-face learning still has a important aspect to play

However fast your bandwith useage and however high-resolution your web digicam, you cannot absolutely copy a multi-sensory, face-to-face experience online – at least not for now. Alternatives when learners really do need to get hands-on with gadgets (perhaps even with each other), get a real real area, know about the actions of others in the room or just see the magic of the situation.

Most learning does not have you to be face-to-face with others – just like you happily pay focus on music on your iPod, notice activity on TV or films at the theatre – but some does. While face-to-face learning will gradually become the initial case rather than the common, it will still have a important aspect to execute. Think about if you never, ever got to go to a theatre, notice a remain team or be an element of the viewers at a football floor.

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