This home views the only way is e-learning

This was the activity I had to get for in a conversation a few several weeks ago at a session of NHS drugstore technicians. I definitely got the brief hay because it's to secure an overall. And of course e-learning is not the only way. Choice to get instead for the concept e-learning (defined very broadly) is where attention should be focused given the down sides we're currently suffering from at perform learning.

Here's a hard review of my argument:

First of all we have some pretty essential problems:

A deficiency of offer training
A deficiency of teacher/trainer time
A deficiency of your as well as for university student to get training
Massive disruption in industry as with the economic problems, structural changes activated by technological change and globalisation
A need and a wish to reduce CO2 emissions
At once there is are new expectations:

A need for learning material and activities that are centered on existing perform issues
A need for option learning material and experiences
A need for more flexibility in ho, when and where these activities are designed available
Along with a recognition that it has stopped being necessary to know everything, but instead to link on-demand to resources
We also now recognize that motivation is mostly an important aspect of a sense of purpose, a need to have freedom and a desire for skills.

Traditional training cannot help us to get rid of these problems.

The only way to get rid of these difficulties is through e-learning.

Let's describe what we mean by e-learning:

content of all kinds, top-down or user-generated
interaction with experts and coaches
interaction with peers
can be real-time or self-paced
can be offered through a number of devices
E-learning allows to use the power computers:

all kinds of digital material, such as audio, film, activity, published written text and still images - 2D and 3D
adaptivity and personalisation
immersive simulations
E-learning allows us to use the power networks:

to be an important aspect of together in the development of learning content
to offer learning on a variety that has formerly been unthinkable
We are at a crossroads:

huge problems
new expectations
wonderful opportunities offered by technology
Only e-learning can allow us to create a new style for expert learning that is delicate, scalable, intriguing and appropriate.

The only way is e-learning.

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