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All this 7 days, I have been talking about about a simple four-phase design for the design of workplace studying interventions:

Preparation: Assisting the student to get ready for an effective opportunity to learn.
Input: Offering function aspect which hopefully encourages the student and act as a drivers for changes in activities and on-going abilities development.
Application: Offering possibilities for the student to look at out new concepts and abilities on the job.
Follow-up: Assisting the student to proceed their studying journey using on-demand content, training and support from co-workers.
I end this group of fabric with a sensible technique.

Next year (probably closer the end than the start) Onlignment will be posting More than mixed studying, my attempt to make on what I began eight years ago with The Combined Learning System details, based on a lot of activities since with workplace studying experts from around the world. In the following details I would like to add something like 6-10 situation research of fine mixed alternatives, particularly those such as all the four levels described above. By 'great' I mean that they met their efficiency goals without making an investment organisational sources, while at the same time taking issue of the desires and problems of the possibility inhabitants.

If you accept to to be a part of (and your employer/client is satisfied to make the research research public), I will organize an preliminary conversation, to discuss through the situation. Where authentic I would like to take this further and execute discussions on film.

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