More than combined studying - we release today

We did it. We developed a whole new way of developing studying treatments, an strategy that we really believe in. We began a new company to look after our new progression, a forex consideration of merchandise and options to back up it, a new website to demonstrate it all off and a online course for anyone who wants to decide how to use it.

It’s known as More Than Mixed Learning (>BL) and, although we’ve been focusing on the actual ideas for some 10 years now, it generates formally nowadays at Icetank in London’s Covent Lawn.

>BL is a refreshingly different but easy new strategy to the style and style style and type of studying solutions. Mixed solutions merge exclusive studying techniques and press to be able to improve performance as well as. >BL goes a speed further to make sure the combination outcomes in program to real-world projects and trainees is increased along the whole duration of their studying trip.

‘We' are David Sampson, Eugenie Professional and myself (Clive Shepherd), increased by effective affiliates Asatuurs Keim (Studio from the Sky), Grettle Snow (Frost Creative) and Cheryl Clemons (LearnerLab).

We’re happy with what we’ve obtained and yet we’ve hardly began.

We i do wish you like >BL and will assistance us in our desires to make the way studying treatments are developed and provided.

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