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This Wed I organized the first in a series of on the world wide web workshops in which winners of the 2012 E-Learning Awards current their projects and describe how they set about achieving their success. This is the second year of these web centered workshops and I'm happy to take part, mainly because I have found the duties so inspirational. It's a bit frustrating when you come across tedious e-learning, so when you see how it really can be done it places a spring back in your step.

In this first web conference we concentrated on the Best On the world wide web Range Learning category and we were lucky to have both the Gold and Gold winners taking part:

1. Willow DNA, working with the Organization of Experts in Marketing (IPA), the UK's professional body for marketing, media and e-mails agencies: In response to research that said 56% of IPA affiliates needed to evaluate through on the world wide web variety learning, Willow helped the IPA to make an online direction for affiliates to obtain the IPA Platform Documentation. Some 1500 affiliates are now studying on the world wide web, with 691 goes up to now. Most extremely, the IPA has seen a 200% improve in enrolments in their Platform Documentation.
2. Growth Technology, working with Complete Areas and the Organization of Income and Marketing Control (ISMM), to offer 19 ISMM qualifications entirely on the world wide web to 400 revenue associates and managers at Complete. This method has saved Complete £500K in training costs, while achieving an unrivaled 98% efficiently successfully pass quantity.

It was interesting to discover out the factors that Willow and Growth Technology knowledgeable most introduced about the success of of their programmes:

Not tedious e-learning: Willow's system modified what was some pretty dreadful page-turning. And, as Juliette Denny of Growth Technology was extremely very happy to proclaim: 'We are the position competitors of tedious learning.'

Learner journeys: Both companies set out their programs as highly-flexible but natural scholar visits, making use of rich mixtures of different resources and activities. Willow used a analytic device to help learners eliminate material that would be of less value to them. Growth Technology inspired learners to evaluate and consider their own activities in order to generate ideas.

Use of scenarios: Growth Technology designed big use of interesting conditions to make revenue skills: 'We don't ask you what you know, we ask you what you would do.'

Use of video: Willow designed big use of film in their system and knowledgeable it designed big contribution. Willow's Lisa Minogue-White designed a fantastic declaration about film production concepts. She knowledgeable really simple, home-made pieces-to-camera shown helpful well excellent when the speaker was passionate about what they were discussing about. At the other extreme, really professional videos also performed. What she did not quantity were home-made videos that tried to replicate professional film methods.

Gamification: Growth Technology shown helpful well hard to gamify their offering using badges and leader-boards and this really seemed to pay off with an income audiences. According to Juliette, gamification is 'the best thing ever'.

Social: Willow handled to get easy for individuals to connect live with other learners who were on the world wide web at the same time and Lisa knowledgeable this was 'incredibly valuable'. There were some 10,000 material for a single intake of the Platform Documentation.

All in all, an effective mix for submission of on the world wide web professional qualifications many evidence for a move from the same old, same old. Well done to both of these companies.

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